Huilong Lake

General situation of Huilong Lake

Here is a natural scenery scroll. Here is a pure and beautiful landscape ballad. Here is a touching and graceful lyric poem. This is a peaceful and elegant paradise. Here is Huilong lake, which is not known to boudoirs. If we talk about the western villages, we can't help but talk about the Longhu Lake. Around Huilong lake, there are cultural landscapes such as Gulongzhong, the hometown of Zhuge, the Royal Tomb of the Western Han Dynasty at zhaijiayazi, Zhaochong, and the Xuannv cave in Jiutian, as well as the beautiful hezichuan and the mysterious Wolong cave group. "
There is a lake in the village and a village in the lake
Xixiang Village, surrounded by mountains and lakes in the center, is 25 kilometers away from Xiangyang City. It is adjacent to Longzhong national scenic spot and Gucheng Chengen temple. Longzhong Scenic Spot is the only way to go from Xiangyang City to western countryside. Down the lake, walk for more than half an hour, you will arrive at Chengen temple.
The beauty of Huilong lake lies in its vast surface. Huilong lake, with 3300 mu of water, is the largest lake in Xiangyang City.
The beauty of Huilong lake lies in its abundant products. The water of Huilong Lake moistens tens tens of thousands of mu of farmland around the lake, which is a famous grain producing area. Huilong Lake produces fresh fish, especially white streaked fish, silver carp, bream and grass carp. The fish in Huilong lake is not polluted. The fish is fresh and tender, and it is a delicacy on the table. The southwest of the lake is densely covered with all kinds of economic and timber forests, and also produces tea, spades, chestnuts, hawthorn, citrus, etc. one side of the water and soil nurtures another side of the people. Because of Huilong lake, the nearby villagers have embarked on the road of well-off.
Spring song in four seasons
beautiful country scenebeautiful country scene
There are hundreds of plant species on the mountains around Huilong Lake in Xixiang. During the visit to Xixiang in December, the fragrance of Chimonanthus praecox is all over the mountains and fields. The refreshing fragrance of flowers makes people intoxicated and makes people take a deep breath involuntarily
Since 2000, Xixiang has not been engaged in large-scale tourism construction and development in order to protect its original ecological appearance. "Although the villagers are not well-off, they can understand the government's practice, because the construction and development of integrated tourism needs time and opportunity." Villagers said.
Perhaps, the appearance of Xixiang, with its green mountains, clear waters, blue sky, vast expanse of smoke and fragrant flowers, is more attractive to the people of Xixiang than the crowd and affluent material life.
The beauty of Huilong lake lies in both landscape and landscape. Because of the beautiful mountains and clear water, the best scenery is surrounded by mountains and rivers. There are mountains and islands in Huilong lake, surrounded by mountains and rolling mountains. The most spectacular is the southwest side of the lake. There are nine peaks connected by each other, known as "Jiulian Mountain". The mountain vegetation is rich, the trees are green, and the birds are singing happily. According to the local people, when it rains and clears up, there is fog in the mountains, and the whole Huilong lake is immersed in a cloud of smoke. When the sun shines all over the earth, it slowly dissipates. Therefore, Huilong lake is more pure and beautiful like a bathing girl. There is a long island in the lake, shaped like a giant snake, called Snake Island. It sinks and floats in the rippling water of the lake, looming, swallowing or spitting, just like a dragon rolling on the silver lake. The whole huilonghu mountain, water, cloud, sky interweave, forming a unique beautiful scenery.
Beautiful past, mysterious legend
Beautiful sceneryBeautiful scenery
In the 1960s, Bayi film studio produced a famous film "the shining red star". Pan Dongzi, who is cute and clever, still makes many fans memorable and unforgettable.
In addition to the title of "beauty" in the location of "shining red star", the "beautiful myth" happened in Xixiang makes many people in Xixiang feel like a treasure.
Among them, Wushaoling and jindouzhai are the most famous. The "predecessor" of wuzaoling is a black headed snake. It was killed by a Green Toad, forming a long ridge. The legend of Jindou village tells people that contentment can make people happy. It is said that there is a god hole at the foot of the mountain in Jindou village. If the people nearby have a red or white wedding, they just need to bring firepaper and incense candles to pray. The cave will respond to every request and offer the table, stool and cooking utensils you need immediately. Of course, it must be returned in full after use, otherwise it will not work. Later, a greedy man asked for tables, stools and cooking utensils. He not only returned them, but also peed at the entrance of the God cave to show his insult. The immortal, who was unwilling to be humiliated, sealed the hole immediately. From then on, people could no longer borrow tables, stools and cooking utensils
In recent years, more and more people begin to pay attention to the western countryside, which has both beautiful scenery and humanistic stories. After investigation, Shanghai Film Studio proposed to Wolong Town government that it would like to list Huilong Lake in the western village as the location shooting base; on March 20, 2009, Hubei Daily reported on the West Village with the title of "there are pearls beside Huilong Lake", and the article summarized Xixiang as follows: here is a natural scenery scroll; here is a pure and beautiful landscape ballad; here is a touching and graceful one This is a quiet and elegant paradise