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Karst cave group in Chongqing

Discovery of karst cave group in Chongqing

New discovery of karst cave group in Chongqing

Chongqing karst cave washed out by rainstorm is located in Dishuiyan, Jinjin mountain, group 7, Jinshan Village, Zouma Township, Pengshui County. According to local officials, the local cave is not only one of the torrential rain, but also a continuous group. Only one person can lie down and enter the cave. The stalactites with different postures are colorful under the light. Xiao, who first discovered the cave, said that at first the water depth in the cave was four or five meters, but now it is slowly running out. A half meter high hole was found at the bottom of the cave. I don't know how deep it is. Dishui cave is a long downhill, and the proved area is larger than the football field.
New caves have been discovered one after another, which turned out to be a group of caves. Because of the caves all over the mountains, the Chongqing Huaihua railway is bypassing this area.
Duan Guangsheng, a villager in group 2 of Baoxing village, which is adjacent to Jinshan Village, said that he heard that a cave had burst out of Dishui rock a kilometer away. He also visited the cave and found that the hole was very similar to one behind his house. He came back and climbed in with a flashlight. He was surprised that the cave was bigger and more beautiful than Dishui cave. Therefore, he immediately made a report to the township government.
Xiao Wenbin, a villager of group 7 of Jinshan Village, also reported to the experts that there is a narrow hole on the hillside half a kilometer away from Dishui karst cave. Every time there is heavy rain, there is a roaring sound inside the cave. Crucian carp and rock frog are constantly thrown out of the cave. Villagers can bend down to pick up the cave. Local villagers call the rock frog "Pangpang", so it is called "Pangpang cave". The entrance of the cave is narrow and the current is fast. No one dares to enter the exploration.
Stalactites with unique shapeStalactites with unique shape
According to the officials of zouma township government, a similar cave was found between the "Pangpang cave" and Dishuiyan cave, which was called "immortal cave" by the local people. When they went in, they found traces of boiling salt inside.
Yu Xianping, head of jinyinshan village, said that jinyinshan is 7.8 square kilometers in circumference and six karst caves have been found around it. In 1975, the 103 geological team once explored the area and found that there were many caves in jinyinshan mountain. When the Chongqing Huaihua railway was built, it was originally intended to pass through the Jinyin mountain. However, it was found that the mountain was completely empty and had to make a detour.
The beautiful scenery of Shuiliandong is rare in China. Five underground lakes are connected, and the largest one is more than 1500 square meters.
From August 19 to 21, 2010, Zhu Shunzhi and other three cave experts explored the Dishuiyan cave, Shenxian cave and shuilian cave in Jinyin mountain and found new discoveries.
Duan Guangsheng named the water curtain cave for the cave behind his home. Climbing through a narrow hole, the expert was immediately shocked by the colorful stalagmites, stone grapes, stone mushrooms, stone curtains and various kinds of stalactites. The reporter came along, touching the wall with frost, rain and fog, as if in late autumn. The dome is 30-40 meters high, and all kinds of stalactites are hung. Under the light, it looks like the lobby of a super five-star hotel.
Among the craggy rocks, the experts were blocked by a lake with a radius of more than 500 square meters when they explored for more than 200 meters in two hours. In front of the lake is another lake. The village cadres led several villagers to explore along the water with six bulging tires. After several decades of advance, they did not dare to go. There are still five lakes in front. The largest one is estimated to be more than 1500 square meters.
According to Zhu Shunzhi, the only underground lake discovered in Chongqing is Tenglong cave in Youyang. TENGLONGDONG underground lake is about 100 meters long and 50 or 60 meters wide. Professor Zhu said that from the grasp of the situation, the underground lake in shuilian cave is absolutely the top two in the city, which is rare in China.
What's more, there is a group of stalactite pillars with a diameter of about 3 meters in the middle of an underground lake. They are colorful, upright and magnificent. Zhu Shunzhi said that according to his understanding, this kind of stalactite pillar, which grows in the center of an underground lake and touches the top and the ground, is very rare in China.
According to experts, stalactites are formed by dialysis and accumulation of calcium carbonate in the dripping water in the cave, growing about 1 mm every 10 years. According to this calculation, the age of jinyinshan karst cave group is between hundreds of thousands of years to one million years. There are many pure white goose feather root shaped stone tubes in each cave, and the water drops constantly, which indicates that the karst cave is in the development stage and is still growing.
Experts believe that the landscape of jinyinshan karst cave group is comparable to Furong cave in Wulong. Further exploration should be organized and combined with the development of Yushan ancient town nearby.
Inside the caveInside the cave
In order to prevent the stalactites from being stolen and dug in the cave, the local villagers spontaneously sent people to take turns on duty 24 hours a day. The local government said it would seal the cave with cement if it could not be developed in the near future to ensure the safety of natural wonders.
According to the leader of zouma township government, the news of rainstorm rushing out of the cave has spread, and people come to visit in a continuous stream. There are hundreds of people every day, and the local villagers are laughing.
It is said that experts came to investigate, and hundreds of villagers from Jinshan Village and Baoxing village came to comfort them with boiled potato, corn and eggs. According to the head of zouma township government, Jinyin mountain is more than 50 kilometers away from the county seat. The mountains are continuous. It is mainly planted with potato and corn, with an average annual income of 2000-3000 yuan, which is relatively poor. "We can't plant potato and corn for a lifetime. We need to develop tourism to become rich." The villagers encouraged each other.
The villager Duan Guangsheng also wrote a pair of red couplets, which were pasted on the wooden door of shuilian Cave: "the mountain holy kailian cave, the noble man ascends to the Heaven Gate", and the horizontal commentary is "everything comes together". He said that even if his own generation can't touch the light, his son and grandson will surely be able to.
A simple shed and a wooden sign "the cave has been sealed up, declined to visit, waiting for development" is set up at every cave entrance newly discovered in Jinyin mountain. Xiao Wenshu and Xiao Hongzhou, the first to find the dripping cave, said they set up a simple shed at the entrance of the cave and were on duty day and night to prevent damage. Later, villagers spontaneously joined the rotation, two women in the day and two men in the evening. It has been more than 40 days since July 8, without interruption.
The 74 year old Duan Guangsheng's four sons have gone out. He specially called back Duan Zhaokai, the eldest son who worked in Guizhou Province. Ten days ago, Duan Zhaokai built a strong wooden door at the mouth of the water curtain cave and locked it. Duan Guangsheng said that people kept lobbying to cut stalactites and sell money, so that everyone would share equally.
Villagers said that the robbers came and went on motorcycles and quietly encouraged the villagers on duty to dig stones and sell them, saying that each stalactite could be worth tens of yuan to 1000 yuan. A few days ago, a group of poachers even pretended that "community cadres" wanted to enter the cave, but they were found out by the villagers.
The person in charge of zouma township government introduced that it is not the way to rely on Villagers' duty for a long time. If it is not developed in the near future, cement will be used to completely seal the caverns to avoid being damaged.
Unique shapeUnique shape
Stalactite theft has formed a huge industrial chain
In Wanghai flower market in Jiangbei District, stalactites are sold in more than 30 garden facades, with the highest price of 36000 yuan. Along the 319 National Road of Geleshan, many stores sell stalactite rockeries, each with a price of tens of thousands of yuan, and accept the custom-made buyers.
A boss selling stalactites said that stalactites were mainly collected from karst caves in Southeast Chongqing and other places. Our reporter once visited the situation of cave excavation on both sides of Jielong River in Pulu Town, Tongliang County, and found that the robbers used excavators, cranes and other large-scale equipment to excavate the whole cave from top to bottom, and completely take out the stones for sale.
It is understood that the cost of stealing stalactite is low. The labor cost is about 100 yuan per ton, the freight is 50 yuan per ton, and the average price is about 1000 yuan per ton, forming an industrial chain. Lured by huge profits, many people turn around in the mountains of Southeast Chongqing all day long and steal stalactites by all means.
On the 20th, a stone dealer at the scene said that the stalactites in the jinyinshan cave group had independent shapes and were convenient for mining and cutting. Zhao Chunyong, a professor in the Geography Department of Chongqing Normal University, said that stealing stalactites and destroying the mountain and micro ecology would cause geological hazards.