Lake pukaki

Pukaki lake a glacier dammed lake in Central South Island, New Zealand
It covers an area of 169 square kilometers (65 square miles). Located in the valley, 500 meters (1640 feet) above sea level. There are Tasman and hooker rivers. The lake flows south into the Pukaki river. There is a sluice to control the water level at the mouth of the lake, and the water from the lake is used for power generation of various hydropower stations on the waitaki river.
Blue milk Lake
Located in the South Island of New Zealand, the original name is Lake pukaki, covering an area of 169 square kilometers. Speaking of its origin, it is also related to glacier movement. After the KUKE mountain glacier subsided, a basin was formed under the action of glacial erosion in the Southern Alps and rockfill on the side of the glacier. A large amount of water after the melting of ice and snow accumulated in it to form the barrier lake.
In the mountains, the lake water is like the sky blue sea water, poured into the fragrant milk, in the sun shine out milk blue light. A New Zealand geologist told reporters that this is because there are a lot of rock particles and minerals in the lake, which are suspended in the lake water, reflecting a milky blue light.
Blue milk Lake
55% of New Zealand's energy comes from the reserves of Lake pukaki and nearby lake Tekapo. It turns out that in order to make better use of the dammed lake, new Zealanders built a 61 meter high and 823 meter long dam on its gravel and sand layers. The water level is controlled by a sluice. The total storage capacity is 6.3 billion cubic meters. It is a large hydropower station.
The reporter also saw a high mountain salmon farm on the diversion channel of pukaki Lake Hydropower Station. The lake water here comes from the melting water of glaciers, so it is very pure and free from any pollution. Fish in the turbulent water by swimming constantly to maintain balance, so the fish cultured here are compact and taste good. The reporter also heard that the indigenous people in New Zealand regard the lake water here as holy water and use it in some sacrificial activities.
Lake pukaki is the best place to view the Southern Alps. From Lake pukaki to Highway 8 in Queenstown, there is a small plain in front of cook mountain. It was a part of Lake pukaki, but now it is a pure and wild wetland. The movie the Lord of the rings used to use it as a location.