Longjing Gorge Scenic Spot

Main scenic spots of Longjing Gorge Scenic Spot

Longjing gorge, formerly known as Longjing River, is the largest waterfall group in Western Anhui Province. The canyon is located in Huoshan County, Lu'an City, Anhui Province, northeast of Baimajian, the main peak of Dabie Mountain, only 4km away from the main scenic spot of Baimajian. Majestic mountains, 40 meters wide, majestic gorge, about 40 meters long, about 40 meters long. All the names in the canyon are related to dragons, so the four waterfalls in the canyon are named with the theme of dragon.
Longjing gorge is located in the main peak scenic spot of Baimajian, Huoshan County, Lu'an City, Anhui Province. The original name of Longjing river was changed to Longjing gorge. All the names in the gorge are related to dragons. Therefore, the four waterfalls in the canyon are named with the theme of dragon.
Get off the bus from the entrance and walk into the shady mountain road. When you come to a place called Huatan stone, you can walk in the direction of torrents and boulders,
Xiangfei pool seems to be full of water, hidden but not hair, inside the passion is good, surging, next to a loyal tortoise, loyal to protect her, people jokingly call the golden turtle guard bath.
Connected with it is a mountain side road, only five minutes away, we come to the first waterfall Longjing waterfall in the lower reaches of Longjing river. Before people get close to it, the surging water mist pours on the face, and the water stream of about 50 meters high falls from the sky and discharges into the Longjing lake at the bottom of the waterfall.
Next to the waterfall is a huge stone. When spring comes, the mountain spring is covered with stones and flows down like a huge cicada Ji gauze.
The water falling place of the bypass waterfall is the upstream of the waterfall. Visitors who don't want to walk can continue to walk in the jungle. Every once in a while, there is always a waterfall waiting for you. Some of them are like dragons playing with pearls. They are called shenlongshou waterfall. Some are like wine bottles of ancient emperors, called longwangzun waterfall.
If you don't want to walk, you can call for a sedan chair bearer and lie on the sedan chair. You will feel at ease under the waterfall at the top of the mountain. The waterfall is 70 meters high, which is called Longmen jump.
Longjing gorge is famous for its high mountains, beautiful water, strange stones and waterfalls.
Longjing river is located on the neck of Baimajian, the main peak of Dabie Mountains, with an altitude of more than 1000 meters, which is the highest River in the Dabie Mountains. Baimajian is in Mozitan town.
Baimajian mountain was formed in the late Yanshanian movement and is a granite mountain.
The mountains are majestic and majestic. They are high, majestic, majestic and special. The peak looks like a white horse, and its site is skyscraper, with an altitude of 1774 meters. It is the highest peak of Dabie Mountain.
Water show
Longjing river is surrounded by 10 kilometers of uninhabited, with dense forests at the source. It is a pure land with few people and no pollution. It has beautiful mountains and rivers all the year round;
Stone monster
On both sides of the Longjing River, there are many grotesque rocks, some like birds and beasts, some like immortal meditations, some lie at the bottom of the water, some grow out of the forest, some slant into the peak, pile up Valley stalagmites, knife back circuit breaking, Golden Rooster complaining song, etc., which are just like the spirits in the valley. The charming scenery of duigushan Longjing river is achieved. Stalagmites of 300 meters high are towering and beautiful Attractive; knife back and golden rooster, lifelike; with many ethereal myths and legends, more and more added to the beauty of Longjing river.
Duigushan is not only beautiful in mountain and water, but also highly praised by the world for its long revolutionary history. At that time, Liu and Deng's army leaped into Dabie Mountain for thousands of miles, which made it a lasting legacy. During the war of liberation, the lion shaped old house in duigushan mountain was the location of the east line headquarters of Huoshan County Party committee and county government.
Today, the land of heroes is connected by fields, roads and canals.
Extraordinary waterfall
There are three large-scale waterfalls in Longjing River, and nearly 100 small and medium-sized waterfalls.
Three large waterfalls are: longjinghe waterfall, 58 meters high and 3 meters wide. Under the waterfall, there is longjingtan, covering an area of about 100 square meters, which is unfathomable; ganchahe waterfall, about 65 meters high; carp leaping Longmen waterfall, more than 60 meters high. Longjing River also has many landscapes, such as mound Valley stalagmite, turtle stone Exploring Road, Golden Rooster spreading wings and so on.
1: One day group tour of Dabie mountain main peak scenic spot (Longjing Gorge Scenic Spot)
(Route 1) from Lu'an: Hefei Heye highway lu'an-105 national highway huoshan-105 national highway Mozitan reservoir hujiahe Longjing Gorge
(Route 2) from Anqing: Anqing - 318 National Road - Qianshan - 318 National Road - Yuexi - Huangwei - Longjing gorge
(route 3) from Shucheng direction: Hefei - 206 National Highway - Shucheng County - ganchahe town - Longhe town - Wuxian Town - Shanqi town - Xiaotian town - Dongxi Township - Mozitan reservoir - Hujia River - Longjing gorge
2、 One day tour of Dabie mountain main peak scenic spot (bieshui Bay + Longjing Gorge Scenic Spot)
Schedule: Lu'an Huoshan (1 hour) - water Dabie Mountain (2 hours) - Longjing Gorge (3 hours) - youlongjing gorge with tourist meals (3 hours) - Longjing gorge - Lu'an (3 hours)
Dabie Mountain on water: enjoy the scenery of Dabie Mountain on the water. It is the source of the Huaihe River and the source of Huaihe disease. In order to control the Huaihe River with Huaihe River, the Foziling dam (25 yuan / person) was built shortly after the founding of new China. Mao Zedong's vigorous and powerful handwriting "one must repair the Huaihe River" is Yueran dam,.
Ticket 115 yuan / person + scenic area insurance 2 yuan
Breakfast buffet 15 yuan / person, breakfast 5-10 yuan / person
Lunch portable meal 20 yuan / person
3、 Three day tour of the main peak scenic area of Dabie Mountain (Huaihe River exploration, Dabie mountain waterfall group, Baimajian, etc.)
D1 Nanjing → Hefei → Lu'an → Huoshan → Shuishang Dabie Mountain (Foziling)
D2 Huoshan → Heishidu → Luoerling → daoshichong → Manshui River → Dousha River → taiyangdabie Villa
After breakfast, drive from Huoshan County to the Dabie Mountain Resort in Baimajian, the main peak of Dabie Mountain. After lunch, you can walk to Baimajian, the main peak of Dabie Mountain (110 yuan / person). The mountain is covered with strange pines and rocks, the sea of clouds is tumbling, and thousands of years of rhododendrons are everywhere. You can climb Baimajian, look at the north and south of the Dabie Mountain, and experience Li Bai's feelings Mountains are different from other mountains. ".
It is said that this is the origin of the name of Dabie Mountain. Suzhou Dabie Mountain Resort
In the morning of D3, start from Dabie Mountain Resort and drive to Dabie mountain waterfall group (Longjing gorge) (90 yuan / person) (1.5 hours drive).
After arriving at Longjing gorge, you can enjoy four waterfalls in Longjing gorge on foot: Longjing Waterfall (50 meters high), Longmen jump (70 meters high), shenlongshou (30 meters high) and longwangzun (35 meters high). You can feel the natural charm of softness and firmness and appreciate the natural magic of "flying down 3000 feet". Walk through the canyon, explore the deep canyon, feel the "cicada noise forest more quiet, birds sing mountain more secluded" human fairyland. After lunch, return.
admission ticket:
90 yuan / person. Children less than 1.2 meters are free of charge, and children's tickets of 1.2-1.5 meters are free of charge; soldiers in active service have half price tickets with their military ID cards; elderly people over 60 years old can enjoy half price discount with their valid resident ID cards, and elderly people over 70 years old can enjoy free tickets with their ID cards and elderly cards; People with disabilities can enjoy half price discount with the disabled person's card of the people's Republic of China, and those with the first to fourth class disability certificates issued by the national disabled persons' Federation are free of charge.
1. All quotations are subject to the price published on the website of the main peak scenic spot of Dabie Mountain.
2. Personal hygiene should be considered in camping and sleeping bags should be provided by passengers themselves.
3. Children: 1.1 meters below free admission; 1.1 meters below does not account for bed free bed fees.