Concha canaliculata

The shape characteristics of the Oncomelania microphylla

Purpura dustA gracilis gracilis is a mollusk of Gastropoda. The shell is oval, and the spiral layer is involute. The shell is long and narrow, with fine teeth on the outer and inner lips. The mantle is thin and bilobate, and the shell is almost completely covered in the living body. The helix almost disappeared from the adult, but the adult did not. The surface of the shell is smooth and glossy. The back of the shell is green or gray, with dense small brown spots. The abdomen is gray white, and the shell edge has brown spots. It lives in tropical and subtropical warm sea areas, and can be traced from intertidal zone to deep reef, coral reef or sediment seabed.
It is distributed from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
It is hermaphroditic. The spawning season is from March to July. The eggs are usually laid in coral caves, empty shells and dark places. After laying eggs, the female does not leave the egg group, but lies on the top of the egg group for deliberate protection until hatching.