Taro with flowers

Shape characteristics of conus edulis

It is distributed in Philippines New Caledonia. Lan Yu and green island in Taiwan.
A tropical shellfish, like to live in warm waters, inhabit in the bottom of shallow coral reefs. Usually, they are ambush in the daytime and emerge at night. They usually eat meat and feed on other mollusks, worms and small fish. The venom sac in the body of the conus snail is transmitted through a poison tube to the toothed tongue which turns into an arrow. When prey approaches, it sticks out its snout and stabs its venomous tongue into the prey. The tooth tongue of taro snail will be broken every time it is used, and it will take some time to grow out again. The smaller the shell, the stronger the toxicity.
The meat is edible, and the shell is made up of various colors. It is beautiful in shape and can be viewed and valued.